Thursday, 1 February 2007

Mini-me cards

A big and helpful craft tip is to not waste, the trouble is you often get stuck with little bits and pieces that dont get used. Don't save them up for a rainy day, try and use them straight away. Today I made what I am nick naming 'Mini-Me' I made 2 cards and had a little bit of scrap left over so made a miniature version of the bigger cards.
Part of my inspiration was from making some ATC's for a group swap, the theme was 'Flowers' so I tore up floral papers and decorated them with a Prima flower and some doodling, then stamped each corner to spell ou the word 'flower'. I also made a patchwork card; where you piece together similar papers and add a stitching design along the edges.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Square Tiles, Making Smiles!

Tonight my dears... I am going to be holding my first mini workshop with some 'mum' forends of mine! We have started not only to meet for coffee once a week but we are also trying to have a craft evening once in a while. We managed to make felt Christmas decorations, and stained glass cookies (which didnt last long enough to go on the tree!). So as it was coming up to Valentines I am going to get the ladies to make some Valentines cards. The easist idea I cam e up with which could be adapted was this tiled card.

Well the night went well, but the whole point was that they copied my example! Instead their creative juices got the better of them and they came up with their own creations. Here are a couple of pics, don't look to closely at the craft table or else you may spot the naughty snacks!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Sneeky Ebay Preview!

Soon to come on a website near you!

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Passion put on paper

As always in the card industry you have to be at least one month ahead.
I have been selling cards to a local shop and thankfully for me they like my cards, so much so they have used my recent valentines ones in their window display!
(must take photo...)
But in the mean time here are some of the designs I did for them

My First Blog Log!

My first ever post on my Blog, I thought I might know exactly what to say... but i don't. Welcome anyway!