Friday, 9 March 2007

Good news, Bad news

Arghh "don't you just hate it when"... (hmm those words sound familiar hee hee) as I was saying... don't you just hate it when you loose a favourite craft tool, and you only realise it is missing cos you desperatly want to use it!!!- Where is my creaser/bone folder thingy!??? Good news I have found some more sketch sites and even dedicated a link section to them, any more anyone can suggest???

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Better Late Than Never...

I have come to add my pic for the DCM Chllenge (to use 3 buttons, 3 different patterned paper, and 3 different ribbons), I did try and add it earlier really quickly before I went to work, but instead of disconnecting the camera I managed to disable the INTERNET! Big Wooops! Anyway, I had a sort of idea in my head what I wanted to do with the card, but I was stuck with no matching coloured ribbon and not a big variety of buttons, so I used my Quickutz! Hmm not !00% about this one, self rating: 5/5 average card

Celebrations all Round!

dresses made from patterned paper or stamped imges, with ribbon and diamantes and eyelets, they looks o much better in real life!

Well today is my son's 2nd Birthday!!! Because of that and because I have had over 30 responses to my Black & white Goody Pack, I am adding these lovely handmade toppers! Who knows what else might be added if i reach 40 responses!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Asking for ATC Admirers!

These are my ATC's (Artist trading Cards) for a Chain swap that Gillian is organising. It is an international swap of only 6 cards, and on any theme you want! You pass one card to each of the people on the list, then remove the top person and add your name onto the list and give out the letter to 6 more people. Easier to explain in the letter that Gillian sent. I am in desperate need to recruit more people, so please contact me ASAP if you would like to join in, I only need 4 more contacts!

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Watch This Space

I am trying not to take up too much room on my log as I want to make sure people can find my Goody Giveaway, so doing a blog combo! Retro card: Using up some off cuts. Card Positing (woops! sis just niticed spelling error! I meant positioning) Challenge card: Happy easter card with quickutz flower, inkstains forum come papersquares challenge: purple card using a off cut from a magazine for the image. Couldnt resist adding photos of my son, colouring in, in some what strnage positions at times?!
And Whooo thanks for all those who helped me reach the 50 mark!

Comments, Compliments, but please no Complaints!

Just a quickie to say I now have a guestbook, so whether you are a regular to my blog or just passing by, please be so kind as to leave a ickle messgage! Feel free to link my to your blog also, just let me know so I can come and check yours out also! thanks. P.S. just realised I am number 52 on the rankings, can you help me to get to at least 50??? tell your friends to stop by for the Goody giveaway!!!

Monday, 5 March 2007

- *!!!Goodies to Giveaway!!!* -

Goodies include: patterned papers, wording,ribbon, black and white tags, vintage acetate images and ribbon rub ons! Draw FINISHES 1ST APRIL, Winner announced on 2ND APRIL

Not all things are Black & White.. sometimes I wish they were! The other day I was blog hopping and came across a really cool website, i managed to close the window by accident, and for the life of me cant rememember the name or even how I got there! And you wouldnt believe this, but I managed to write all this and close down this window, so I am writing it all again! ARGHH!
So with that in mind, I want YOU to finish this sentance in order to qualify for my FIRST PRIZE DRAW!!!
"Don't you just hate it when..."

These are a few of my FAVOURITE things....

Well at last! The circle Journal which started in august has come back to me. What an exciting thing to do. For those who dont know what it is or havent done it before, it is where you each make a book where you each do one page and pass it on for the next person to do a page. What a thing to treasure! Thanks to all those on the Craftz under the willow forum who took part!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Spring has Sprung

My entry for the Ink Stains Monthly Competition on... 'Spring Flowers', thought I would use up my bits left over from the cj (see previous post). The second picutre is to try and show you that I cut out the bigger flowers, inked and 3d mounted them.

You've heard of Green & Black's, well this is Green & Pinks!

Being desperate to use my new HUGE BLOOMS, and get more into chipboard. So dug out these cute buckles from my sisters TLC range, and a bloom that Gillian sent me as part of my price. The card is a bit bright, but I thought, hey! Bound to bring a smile and a cheer (me hopes)! I also needed to make another Mother's day card, so this is for the mother in law. The other one I have made (for my mum) I used smelly draw liners, and stamped it using tapestry stamps so you can get a smelly card, there free tip for the day!
Here you go... just added a pic!