Friday, 23 February 2007

Blog Hopping

Been chekcing out other people's crafty blogs (at this ridiculous hour!) and saw these very sweet stamps at

Opening Windows of Opportunity

Thanks to Daring Card Makers, I have been given the opportunity to explore different ideas and techniques to make different cards. The challenge was difficult this week! "...I'm going to dare you to use 20/20 Vision for your cards.I'd like you to use 20 of one particular thing on a card - be it blooms, papers, brads, ribbons the choice is yours - you can use other things too, but there must be 20 of one item/component - not 20 things altogether, that would be too easy.For instance, can you use 20 different papers on one card? 20 Ribbons?Or 20 Blooms - well surely that one sounds easy...Now if you're really up for a challenge and want to try for TWO lots of 20 - well - then we'd all be really impressed! We're really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this one..."
I went for the kill, and managed to use 20 swirls, with 20 diamantes, and 20 white stitches in the ribbon!

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Baby Blues

The letter 'M' is 3d mounted and then stamped over with baby foot prints, the safey pins have been punched out along with the ducks. I used turquoise blue for a brighter colour and for a change from pastels.

Well having a much better day today, Praise God! I got a commission this morning to make a card for a baby boy, his name is Mac and as we were unsure of the spelling, we decided to just use the letter 'M', my customer also wanted some ducks. This so happened to tie in with this weeks Daring Card Maker mid week challenge! "to make - a card with a male in mind. Be it Baby boy, Little boy, Teenage Boy or BIG "boy" I was going to do an adult card, but why make more work for myself?! Great news also- did really well on ebay tonight, down side was they were on non-craft items, but going to keep at it and see if there is something else crafty I can do to attract those ebayers.

I won! I won! I won!

I am sooooo pleased! I got a phone call from my sister last night to ask if I had checked the DCM blog, which I had replied 'No?' and she told me about the fact i won the prize draw! Whooo hooo. It was such exciting news, especially after the bad day i had! I will let you know what I have won, when it arrives! Looks like more stalking the postie then! THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE DCM CREW! I AM LOVING YOUR DARES!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Bountiful Blooms Bid

Woo hoo look at my latest ebay purcahse! I get 100 of em- they were a bargain! Gonna stalk the postman now!....

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Blooms and Butterlies Promotion

Daring Card Makers Challenge, I hope this passes the criteria... "to make a card that has to have more than one fold - so it can be a gate fold card, or a 3 panel card with an aperture or a card with multiple folds OR you can incorporate paper folding on the actual card iteself. It can be on any theme." (I know there are 2 there, just showing you a variety and thought i might as well make more while I was at it..)

I used origami type butterflies, along with a stamp, which I love the wording of, one of my life mottos "Take time to enjoy life's little pleasures', amd my little tapesty peg stamp.
I can't believe I slipping down fast in the Craft charts so by way of PROMOTION, if anyone would like to recieve a template and instructions on how to make the BUTTERFLY you see on the card, then PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

Say it with... a card

I made this card for one of my sisters, I wanted to show her a Random Act of Kindness, so the card was made to go along side it.

This card is for my Auntie & Uncle, we went to London over the weekend and finally managed to pick up the presents that they kindly bought for Christmas. A nice tin of cookies, and a lovely book for our son. I was playing around with some stamps doing a bit of mixing and matching and came up with this... Oh picked up a stinker of a cold as well!!!