Saturday, 12 May 2007

Good enough to eat?

Here is my other design for the DCM challenge on food! I used Tulip fabric paint to add the details on to the punched shapes, and sprinkled accent beads on the cookies.

Charming Charms

This card was for the Caardvark challenge, to use a charm. I gave shrink plastic another go, mmm still sussing it out took quite afew attempts to get it right! Any tips VERY WELCOME! I thought it needed something else that resembled a charm so added the little heart that says 'handmade with love'

The hearts: left one is definition of heart, centre one- swirls, last one says love

This next card I wanted to use the off cut black and white paper, because it had a picture of just the floral bit on it, but ended covering most of itk, thought I would keep this one simple.. Thinking about it this could have done for DCM's last week challenge! (one chipboard, one metal and one stamp!)

Icecream, Icecream, we all scream for Icecream!

I made this topper a while back, but jazzed it up using some pearly paint and sprinkled with accent beads, and plumped up the cherry using the red paint. The camera has taken a nashing so not taking decent photos! took me ages to get this one and even then still not quite in focus! The DCM challenge this week was to incorporate a 'food' theme. OOoo lots of ideas... I will try to get my other idea done to show you later. AND LOOK- NO INKING???!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

If it's not broke...then don't fix it!

My mother in law came round yesterday to make a card for my Father in law, whose 60th birthday is coming up, we managed to make a nice tri-fold card with a vintage feel, while waiting for a lift she bumped into a friend who asked her if she could make a card, my MIL said that if she couldnt then I could! So the specifications were: A 90th Birthday card for 'Mum' using the florals and blues. I used a similar design from before (hence the title!)

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Proud Picture

I am really proud of this picture, and I sort of took it by accident, but it came out better than expected (I didn't even adjuct the colour on this one), I couldnt see very well because the sun was in my eyes and the blossom was supposed to be central, but think it has a nice artistic slant to it! I hope this qulaifies in the her space, my space! Subject: TREE

Oh I just remembered that I had this picture too! Went to meet my friend, who was sitting on the wall, I took the opportunity to take this picture of her, as I thought it looked quite serine. This should qualify a bit more!

White Wedding

Cor feels like ages since I have been at my craft table... guess it has been bank holiday, and work and not much time really! So I did a quicky card this morning for the DCM midweek challenge. It was a recipe challenge to use, 1x chipboard (swirl), 1x metal object (brad, centre of flower) and 1x stamp (wedding day). I stuck to the simplicity of white with a touch of silver. You can't see the picture very clearly, but the background paper is embossed with words relating to love