Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wood you go for Would?

DCM challenge is 'I really wanted to make a card using iron, but my inspiration kept running dry, so I decided to go for wood. There aren't that many elements of REAL wood on the card, but wanted to go for that feel, I had a piece of urban lily paper sitting on my table that I decided to colour in with watercolours, and then the rest stemmed from that. I went to touch up the colour when I had finished, and realised I could incorporate the SHAVINGS from my pencil, so thats what I did!...

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

!*Bag a Bind It All*!

Do you want one??? The much talked about, easy to use, versatile, binding machine! I have one for sale.... BRAND NEW AND NEVER BEEN USED (you will recieve the machine that comes with a instruction book, dvd and spacer everything you would expect to get whenbuying it from a shop, so no spirals or covers). Literally at a first come first served basis, I am hoping the pay button works! If you have any difficulty I will go with the first comment left. What are you waiting for Go! Go! Go! Oh the price.. £38.00 including P&P (in the Uk) RRP £54.99

If you are still pondering... either read below or check out their website!
"This dual purpose, lightweight machine offers multiple possibilities for crafting. The Bind-It-All cuts and binds a greater range of materials than any other binder in the market. This means that you can be even more creative with projects and use pretty much any material including chipboard, tin, card stock and plastic covers. There are literally hundreds of project ideas for you to get your teeth into. Some general ideas are: journals, booklets, albums, catalogues, notebooks and more! Bind-It-All is the future of Memory Making and set to become the number one craft essential for 2008!"

Tilda's Toadstool

(close up picture to try and show 3D effect)
This weeks Tilda Challenge 'All things dottie'- what fun! I love dots and spots and polka dots!!!
I started with using the red and white paper for her top and kept making mistakes, then it came to me likea flash! I could use the paper to create a toadstool! I loved using the denim paper for a pair of jeans, and tried to keep the whole thing bright and cheery. Also added in some spotty prima flowers too!