Thursday, 2 April 2009

Easter, Explained...

It was my turn to set the challenge this week at SALT. This is what the blurb says (for worry that I will only repeat myslf..) I don't know about you, but this year is flying by! Everyone seems as busy as ever, and EASTER is fast approaching! So that brings me (Esther) neatly on to the subject for this week...'The real meaning of Easter' how easy it is to get caught up in the commercial side of Easter, without reflecting on why as Christians we celebrate it. God sent his one and only Son Jesus to die on the cross to take away our sin and the punishment we so deserve. He died, and yet even death had no power over him, Christ rose victorious and is alive for ever more! If you put your trust in God and believe that he died to take away your sin you also may experience new life in Christ. This was a real challenge for us as a design team, do let us know how you get on. DONT FORGET WE ARE NOW POSTING EVERY THURSDAY!
I really struggled with this callenge-even though I was the one to set it! Perhaps it was to broad a subject?... My first card, I was just not happy with, the desired effect was not how I wnted it to look. So I pressed on and came across this scrap of urban lily paper. I thought the butterfly image was just waht I needed to express new life in Christ, and through his dying on the cross was what makes it all possible!