Saturday, 19 May 2007

Bring on the Flock

A special gift, for a special friend. This is a cheer me up gift including:
A Heart shaped gift box
A card
A post-it note holder (will find where I got the idea...)
Beacause she loves stationary and complained that work wouldnt let her have coloured post its!
Extra post it notes Matching tissues, to wipe any stressful tears from trying to complete her dissertation at the moment!
Oh... and if you are wandering why it says Arty on the post-it note holder, that is her name; and NO it is not an abbreviation for anything!!!

Anna Griffin B&W paper, Pink paper- mm Boho Chic, Prima Bling swirls, Blooms to go flower, MM? Pearl Brads, Stampin Up Quote Stamp

Food glorious Food!

Think I am still stuck on last weeks DCM dare of food! Made a couple of cards for you.. Both cards made with fimo/nodellingclay embelishments, used a stamp to help with the impression of the fimo, and a sculpy mould for the letters, pricked the letters to add texture. Then tried making my own swirls, hmm I think I will stick to stamping them mext time!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Belated Birthday

A quick card, using left over paper for a belated Birthday card, and to use my new birthday stamp. Gorgeous black and white flock paper by Anna griffin, Turqouise paper, making memories boho chic? I think, Blooms to go Flower, rhonna farrer swirl stamp, and cant remember who made the rubber stamp....?

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Buttons and Lace

(the lace is not as white in real life!) The black and white picture is acetate, mica , skeleton leaves, lace, button, discription of memory.
This card is for the DCM mid week challenge. It just so happens that I bought a new Happy anniversary stamp today! Thing is I ended up using my other one for this card instead! I thought the style suited it better. I have been doing a few collage cards lately, so here's another one, a great way to use up bits too! The picture is very unclear, because my poor camera is dying! Great excuse for a new one...

Twinkle Toes

I couldn't resist buying these lovely little shoes (for a present), they were in the sale at our local supermarket. This is for the Her, Space My Space blog, subject: SHOE I pictured the pair so that you can get a sense of size and the pair looked better than a single one.

Away with the Fairies

I seem to be a bit behind of late, just came on to add my tassle picture for her space my space blog, but they are on a new subject already!!! Well will show you some things I have been working on. Fairy ATC's for the willow craftz forum , inspired by Gillian's challenge to use nail varnish, I touched up the wings and dymo! Plus some fairy cards I made up- I have a friend who is planning on a fairy party! How cool!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Picture of Paris

I was so excited to take on this commission, I suppose because as soon as my friend mentioned it I had lots of ideas in my head, and I hoped they would come together so that I could pull it off! Well the specifications were: To make a card for her parents in law who were currently in Paris, celebrating, mainly a birthday, but also a special year. The card was to be classic (as opposed to modern), suitbale for them both with their names and depicting paris in some way, with words that would be special like cherish etc. I was really pleased with the results the flower and sentance across the middle are 3d mounted for the extra effect.


My first sketch is debuting on the Crafty Bids forum! Whoo hoo check it out and join in the competition, great prize to be won too! If it goes well I might do some more and pblish them on my blog!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Bit late in the day...

just completed the Wednesday Stamper Challenge, yep very late in the day! Or shall I say week, I think I was struggling with the idea of using all turqoiuse, but then remembered I had some nice turqoiuse papers, and after looking at some examples, it needn't be ALL that colour, don't make me spell it again, cos it is a difficult word to type! In the end I made 3 cards from it :)

Read My Mind

I have gone and got tagged! by Kathy, she thinks I have to much time on my hands!
I have to tell you all 5- 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog.

1. The title of my blog stemed from the idea that my work is progressive, well I hope so anyway... and that I would hope to show how I have improved from when I first started my blog. I have learnt how to tweak the colours on the photos now- which help!

2. S*tar Creations, is a play on my name Esther firstly meaning star, but then ff read the word S*tar as it is written, you will notice that the S is seperate, so you pronounce it S and tar (without the and obviously!), if you say it quickly, it sounds like Esther. Get it!? The word creations, so that I am not limited to just cards, and it also reminds me that God made all Creation.

3. I wanted to have a blog that would be interesting to look at and not boring to read. So I try to come up with catchy titles, and post lots of photographs.

4. The sub heading sums up my blog, a personal and creative journal, although I didnt want it to get too personal, the idea was to share with the world my creations.

5. Wow little did I know that I would come to gain sooo much inspiration, and ideas through having a blog.

6. It's great to find other great craft talents and fellow crafting friends through blogging.

7. I added a pet to keep me company (bubbles), I have fish at home at yep I do forget to feed them.... But they have survived a good few years the oldest being about 9years old!

8. I did want to keep adding to my crafty tips, but keep forgetting to get round to it...

right! Off to tag someone else, actually I quite enjoyed doing this.... Better not say it too loudly incase I get tagged again!