Thursday, 17 January 2008

Inspired by the Inspirational

For some time I have admired the 'collage/eclectic look' but haven't known where to start or how to achieve the desired look. Thanks to the DCM challenge I have looked to Gillian and her fantastic work, and made a card taking inspiration from her distinct style. I made a list of things that I noticed she used and try to incorporate as many as I could on the card. Things like Vintage images, stitching, swirly stamps, text, keys, arrows, ribbon, diamantes, fleur de leis, crowns! etc... I am so pleased with the result and hope that I will now be on the road to success!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Good News

I passed my driving test by the way!!! Whoo hooo.... This card is for this weeks Salt Challenge set by Hazel on 'ENVOURAGEMENT'. I think it is sooo encouraging to know that someone is praying for you, to know that you are being commited to God in prayer, knowing that he hears and answers according to his perfect and good will. Amazing!

I think I have discovered a new technique! I shall call it Embossed Rubbing, please tell me if someone has discovered it before me!... (it usually is the case...) You stamp and emboss some cardstock, the place another card or paper on top rub over with a coloured pencil, and ta da! I added some decoupage to enhance the image, and a few rhinestones too.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Happy Birday Tweety

A card made using the Caardvark sketch. Quick post before I go for my DRIVING TEST- thats dedication- or just pure distraction!!! I set myself the extra challenge of trying to incorporate 3 completely different papers (I allowed for matching colours!)

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Take 2

Well take 2 and 2 again. I have made 2 cards using the same materials- as set by the DCM team 'I want you to create not just one but TWO cards ! But wait........there's more ! I want both cards to contain the same embellishments and papers, ribbons etc- but arranged in a different way for a different occasion....the only thing being different is the wording....I'll let you have different wording ! (How nice of me eh?) ' Woops, just read the bit about being for different occasions. well the first I did can be general and the second on can be for Valentines? I also used the Di Hickman skecth to create the first card
I used black & white DCWV paper, roses and black and white polka dot ribbon, hero arts definition stamp, dymo labels, red rhinestones, and flat back pearls, and of course.... the rhonna farrer swirl stamp!

Taking Inspiration

Spotted these lovely big Scented Orchid (fake flowers) in the charity shop for a mere 99p, and thought oooh they would look nice on a card. So I used the CPS sketch to come up with this. Although the flower takes up most of the room...