Thursday, 6 September 2007

Perfect Match

This is my card for the Di Hickman sketch, came a long at a good time as I was wandering what I could do for an anniversary card for our wedding anniversary at the end of the month...

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Life Like

You will never guess what I made this rose from!... Unless of course you have seen something similar before. Before I go on I shall give credit where credit is due... this amazing lady makes them her website is mommy makes roses. She was demonstrating them on Martha Stewart, and my dear sister Ruth kindly shared this on her blog. I was so impressed I decided to have a go, so off I trotted to the shop today to buy some.... COFFEE FILTERS!

Cutting it Fine!

I am really into the technique of cutting out parts from patterned papers, on this particular card I almost wish i hadn't started! It was very touch and go in places! I based it on the Di Hickman sketch (using the flower as the circle bit).

(Using Anna Griffin paper, and a drangonfly stamp, HOTP word stamp)

Ah just looked at the DCM challenge, which nicely ties in with a couple of 'off-cut' cards I made yesterday; the one with the feather as the theme was to use something soft-touch

and here is the other off-cut card using the day before's papers

Monday, 3 September 2007

Not a day over....

Well the results of the Birthday Competition are in (sorry for the day delay). I had a laugh at your expense reading the different guesses you all wrote, ranging from a mere 21 up to a wapping 34!!! Well my actual age is.... (drum roll please)... 27, so well done to those who correctly answered. My son has pulled a name out the hat, but I dont know how to reach this person, so if anyone knows how I can contact Dasimonds please let me know asap, I will give it a week then if no reply choose another winner.

In the mean time this is my card for the DCM challenge, to use 3 die cuts on your card, I don't know if it is cheating but the name label was a double die!, and the third bwing the photo frame under the dragonfly (unused, thanks for the opporunity!)

And used off cuts to make an anniversary card for my Best Friend, cant beleive it was a year ago!!!