Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!

I just had a call from my old boss asking me to do some work, I half reluctantly agreed as it would mean less craft and blog time... anyway I went on the Darer Card Makers website this morning to find that I could easily do the mid week challenge. All I had to do is dig out some recently made cards, which fit into the theme of '70's' so no lost time there! I actually made 5 of these cards altogether, but all varying slightly using the same elements. There was no stopping me!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Psychedelic Geometric

Easy for you to say....

This must be a record, to logs in one day! Just wanted to share this funky card with you, was playing round with some paper that my son was doodling on, and the colours really seemed to come together, what were 'accidental' pieces of paper that were punched in the wrong place, suddenly became a design- of sorts?!

P.S. Was bit dissapointed with some of my ebay sells, made amajor blunder of listing a valentine embellishments that end...tomorrow! Bit late Esther!

Bronze Butterflies and more...

I haven't added much recently as I wasn't getting what I call 'good results' from my card making, but hey you have to make mistakes to learn from them sometimes, well not mistakes more experiments!
So here are a few better ones I have managed to do more recently.
1. A commissioned Valentines card for a friend, criteria- not to over the top and lovey dovey.
2. Bright, cheery birthday cards, I made similar cards in the past and they both sold, so I made these versions in pink. They took me longer than I thought cos of the flowers!
3. Using the the colour Bronze, I really like bronze and don't use it enough I think it is a bit of an understated colour, makes a nice change from silver and gold