Saturday, 21 April 2007

Show Stash

Well we made our annual pilgramge to the Shepton Mallet Craft show today (we being my inlaws and I). And this year I spent the most that I had in the last few years I made sure I was strict with myself, but allowing a little spenditure! Did get some bargains in all of this. There was one stall selling decebt craft items for £1!!! Was pleased to pick up more patterned card stock and papers :) can't wait to start playing; trouble is... knowing where to start!

Friday, 20 April 2007

Heart Felt Thanks

I hunted high and low, then thought I might have even got rid off it- there was one last place I needed to look... And there it was! The only felt I own, and that I needed for this weeks DCM Challenge and Caardvarks too! 'Make a card and include some felt, the theme & style are entirely up to you...' So I took the word literally and made this...

Blanket stitched around the heart, used dymo labels, and red ric rac on gingham paper

Challenging Coral Commission

harmonica fold card, embossed PSX stamp, quickutz, coral beads and tapestry stamps

Been asked to make a card for a 35th wedding Anniversary, which happens to be Coral, I played around with some ideas, but found this quite a challenge! I really wanted to use some coral that I had bought for such an occasion as this. The lady also requested if possible that 5 of somthing be added as a symbolic number, hence the coral flower

6 Down 6 To Go!

Whoo well the puzzle pieces are coming in steadily, with 2 recieved this morning from Canada. Thank you ladies! They are all really beautiful and unique, now for the rest of you!... well you still have till the end of the month, but this is just a reminder. The middle row has been completed, now for the top and bottom rows! Won't publish any pics till they are all here :) Thanks again!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

You've Been Framed

I took out some photos that I recently took as I remembered I had some of my friend's daughter, and as I was going to meet up with her today I thought I would pass them on. Then I had a bright idea! Using the inspiration from my sisters blog I made a frame with one of the photos inside. They are so easy to do, and I think it might become my new crafty hobby!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Leap Frog

DCM mid week challenge: to make a card with a 'New Home' theme.I have used this idea before, but re-vamped it. I used those wobbly eyes you get for the FROG SPAWN- did you spot it?

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Strawberries & Cream

I dont know if you have noticed... but a lot of my recent cards have been to say Thank you, this is because after my miscarriage some kind friends have offered to cook us some meals which has been wonderful! As you can imagine. Tonight we were dined with home made pizza and strawberries! Just what we needed to help finish off that cream in the fridge. A big Thanks to Helen for the yummy meal!

Punched strawberry shapes with accent beads, Ric Rac ribbon, embossed Thank you stamp, gingham paper

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Simplistic Minimilistic

For those who know me and my cards, or well you will see from my blog, that I like my cards almost to be mini pictures, with all the spaces filled etc. But I decided to give this a bash! I had cut out the roses from a photograph I took, and it was sat onn my craft table as I hadnt used it for another card, I decided to put a frame round it, and the rest they say is history, they also say less is more! OOoo I think I could get hooked on this simple lark!
Put the white envelope in the background so that the inking would show up

Pink & Whites

After just completing a card for a friend he requested another one for his sister. So I asked if there was any requirements or colour schemes to get an idea. He came up with Pink & White (which are also the name of those waffers with the pink & white marshmallows! mmmm...) I am getting sidetracked.. I added a touch of sparkle with whats called 'snow writer' think it is basically glitter glue, but has a raised effect.