Saturday, 31 March 2007

Spot the Difference

I can't get enough of INKING!!! I love it, I think it always just adds that extra and much needed dimension to cards! Anyway here are my photos of cards i made using the sketch from Inkstains Forum

very similar but slightly different...

Getting Results

Well I have managed to make a few cards today, but getting the desired results have been dificult and a looong process... sometimes it takes a while to get the right materials and components together. Anyway here is my card for the CPS challenge, in conjunction with a commision to make a 3year old card- self explainitary really...
taken at this strange angle so you can see the detail, Happy birthday stamped in gold, letters on the circles spell out the name Fin

Friday, 30 March 2007

All you need is Love

And I am glad I know God's love, the love of my friends and family at this difficult time, I have suffered another miscarriage :( but thankfully card making is a good therapy. I think I can sum up my hopes in these lyrics, by a famous Gospel singer, Kirk Franklin

And now back to business, the first card is the DCM challenge - This week you can do ANYTHING you like on a card BUT you can only use one colour, the picture is the best I can do, but it doesnt show up very much detail.
The definition of love is stamped over the rose pattern on the left, and a line of music across the heart AGAIN WHICH YOU CAN'T SEE!

This card is for the Di Hickman challenge, (which follows a sketch), inking the card started off as a mistake but think it gives a nice effect...

Celebrating a Century

What a nice feeling to walk in a room, and to be recognised as "Ah you must be Esther, the person that makes cards!" I was chuffed! This lady was after a card for her Gran who is turning 100! And as you may suspect she couldnt find a decent one in the shops, so I made her one.. This actually took me quite a while to sort the layout! But got there in the end, very different to how I started off though...

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

You are my Sunshine

Chalked the dry embossing, the stamped swirls and used Quickutz Lettering

Ah.. I like this song, it;s very special to me as I used to sing it quite a bit to my son when he was little. Anyway here is my card for the mid-week challenge set by DCM (and an older DI Hickman Sketch). Topic: SUNSHINE!

Still Puzzled?....

As to which way up your puzzle piece goes?... then here is a diagram below with the way I numbered the pieces, puzzled because you dont know what I am talking about? (then read my older blog logs!)

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Extra work- in the form of a commission based on my previously 'Daisy card'

and used the same egg shapes to experiment with my new hero art stamps and to work on some easter designs...

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sseeeiinngg DDoouubbllee

Yellow gingham tags with ribbon, 2 plastic baby bottles, fabric teddies and heart buttons

DCM challenge: "Your dare for this week is to create a card using any technique, any style, to welcome the birth of multiples". Sorry for poor picture, was in a rush to take it... Here is my first twin card. Wanted to keep it neutral just incase, as I don't know of anyone having twins at the mo.