Tuesday, 20 March 2012

From then...till now...

Happy very belated New Year! So I start with a January card that I made for a friend who was turning 40. I wanted to use bold, dramatic colour and prints to compliment her style. This modern looking paper from Anna Griffin (believe it or not!) was just what I needed.

I really enjoyed doing this commission for a friend, as it is so off the wall for my style. As soon as she described the couple in question I immediately conjured up an idea in my head. So here is the biker/rock chick card for a belated wedding card.This card is another commission, for a young girl who was being baptised. I wanted something a bit fun and yet personal.I had a challenge ahead of me as I was set the task of making 4 Valentines Cards for 4 girls ranging from the age of 14-4! I wanted ti make them all different and unique but keeping similar elements. So they all have the word love in one form or another, they all have pink diamantes, and they all have a lacey border, oh and of course they all have hearts! I couldn't decide whether to personalise them with names, but thought as they were so special for the sender, I would. The cards flew all the way from the Uk to the USA.When I originally made this card, it lacked a certain something... after a friend had passed her driving test it was fitting for me to add a few more elements, i.e. the car and the caption
Before & After!
This is my dinning room come craft room, which has been transformed thanks to the trusty Ikea expedit! My bits and pieces are no longer spilling over the edge, but tucked neatly away in cubby holes and boxes! It has cleared up so much more space in the room, and certainly helps me to keep it more tidy!As you will see later in this post, I am getting into my Baby Blossom stamps from Stampin Up! This paper was one of my first attempts. I used the excess to make a matching bookmark as the recipitant enjoys reading.This card was made for my sister in laws birthday which happens to be on the 29th feb! I was inspired by a lovely pink floral scarf she had worn and I wanted to incorporate an element of Cath kidstonesk.. MARCH
My big boy turned 7 this month! Sonic the hedghog seemed to be featuring a lot in his birthday so I went with another favourite- Moshi Monsters. I used the water related monsters, as he was having a swimming party to celebrate.Mother's day cards, this one was for my mum, inspired by her oriental heritage and her recently decorated lounge!This one was for my Mother in law. Although it looks very simple it felt like it took ages to make, because I printed a whole page of the roses. I like the effect of the pleated paper too.A little card made with.. you've guessed it the Baby Blossom stamps...I'm on a roll now... can you tell???!!!And to bring you right up to date. A frame made for a little boys Christening