Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Graduated Growth

My turn for the Salt Challenge this week. It came to me almost in a flash, whilst trying to think of a topic. I came up with the word 'Growth' I was thinking along the lines of seeds and how from a small seed comes a tree (been watching a bug's life!) but also about spiritual growth, and how it needs to be worked at. How we grow and learn through testing times. I loved the broadness of the subject, and am excited to see what the design team will achieve and interpret with it! Used a mixture of varieties of Tapestry stamps and similar ones, to create a graduated growth picture, with the verse 'But grow in grace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory for ever and forever! Amen. 2 Peter 3:18. I offset the word 'growth' to create a shadow effect and 3d mounted the letters, added some prima flowers to complete.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Choccy Cakes!

These chocolate cakes were made under extreme circumstances- as the electricity went in the middle of cooking them! Argh! thankfully they managed to cook in the heat of the oven.

I recently bought some new sprinkles, and wanted to test out my new mini star cutter (another b'day pressie) and my fabby new piping bag! (again another pressie). By the time I put the butter icing on, it had gone a bit loose due to the butter softening so much, but everyone was kind and said they couldnt tell! But you know when things dont turn out just how you want them...

These little gems are made from beetroot! Yep beetroot and chocolate cake, they are very moist and yummy! My mum gave me the recipe, although it is meant for a big cake I thought I would try them out as cupcakes. They are a gorgeous rich maroon colour. I added the hearts for a touch of pazazz!

Beloved Bird

One of my sisters went to america, and rather than buying me a 'lousy t-shirt' brought back a Martha Stewart Dove punch that I had my eye on! I love it, it is such a great little creature to fill those gaps, and makes a change from using butterflies (my other trusty punch!). I created these 2 cards.
This first was for a friend, a card with a meaning, I used elements of the card to potray her life. The 3 buttons to the bottom right represent her children, the word joyful expressed her, the tag shape, because she used some tags at her party so we knew who's glass was who's. The 2 love birds was her and her husband, and the gingham ribbon to represent the school uniform that our children go to. The strap was from a broken watch that I found on the floor!

You now when time flies... and dates spring upon you! Well my inlaws had there wedding anniversary recently, so I knocked together this card using yes! My birdy punch, and some die cut shapes my sister in law gave me for my birthday, the memories label blended a bit better in colour in real life! I liked the simplicity of this card, and might well make soem more like it!