Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Choccy Cakes!

These chocolate cakes were made under extreme circumstances- as the electricity went in the middle of cooking them! Argh! thankfully they managed to cook in the heat of the oven.

I recently bought some new sprinkles, and wanted to test out my new mini star cutter (another b'day pressie) and my fabby new piping bag! (again another pressie). By the time I put the butter icing on, it had gone a bit loose due to the butter softening so much, but everyone was kind and said they couldnt tell! But you know when things dont turn out just how you want them...

These little gems are made from beetroot! Yep beetroot and chocolate cake, they are very moist and yummy! My mum gave me the recipe, although it is meant for a big cake I thought I would try them out as cupcakes. They are a gorgeous rich maroon colour. I added the hearts for a touch of pazazz!

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Carolina said...

Do you know what, I was thinking just yesterday that I needed to find a chocolate and beetroot cake recipe! Funny that, the cakes look gorgeous!