Friday, 9 February 2007

Media Frenzy

I am sure we have all had 'regret' purchases... it is particularly annoying when you think that about a craft item you have bought, but hold on to it long enough... and you might just discover a new use for it. That was the case with the stamps used on this card, my definitions stamps are really useful, and the ransom notes were just what I needed! The picture was from a photograph album, you know those samples pictures that they put in. I used chalks to colour in parts of the photo. The big BLACK smudge was not delibrate, but some how adds character and gives it that 'newsprint' look I think....?

Enjoying the Daring Card Makers challenge once again!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Let it Snow!

Oh man! Don't you just hate iust when the internet goes down, well that's what has happened to me today! My kind friend has leant me her computer, so I can put my snow photos up, including my 2nd dare from the Dare Team.

And here is our little town covered in the long awaited snow, taken from our attic window.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

All the way from the U.S of A!

Woo hoo! Look what the posty kindly delivered for me this morn! Gorgeous Swirly stamps! Can't wait to get stuck in...! Will post some results if they come out right...

Monday, 5 February 2007

Taking up the Challenge

My First Ever Dare- for the Daring Card Makers blog. It was to do a Valentines layout. i kept mine ultra simple. Why? Well still getting the knack of scrapbooking, I wanted to keep it masculine, and didnt have the right sort of embellishments... As for the title 'My Love', well although it sounds simple, I think it sums a lot up, plus that what I call my Hubby. I made it so that the flap can be opened and a secret message can be written inside. Oh also a chance to start using my gorfeous DCWV papers!

Giving it the chop!

I made another card on Saturday, for another friends birthday. But my dear son managed to give it the chop! No Troy! Not the guillotine!!! Thankfully it was only the green bit of the card and I managed to salvage the main body! I used some Urban Lily papers, as I thought it looked very surfer chick (which my friend is!)
The second card was using up by bits, I had the idea of what I wanted to make, but took much longer than I thought, just wasnt working out how I wanted it, but the final result came out fine. (I think)

A Touch of the Orient and more...

I couldnt find my chip board letters, but I did recently buy some wooden letters from ebay, which I used for the card on the left with the letter 'C', this is for a friends birthday coming up, and then there was no stopping me using up the rest oif my tip bits to go one making 2 more cards and even a book mark! My other resolution which I have just decided on is to try and make at least 1 card a day, and during the week, Sunday being a day of rest and where my time is spent mostly at church.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Sorting the All-sorts

At last! I have found the battery -recharger!!! My digital camera wasn't surviving on normal batteries, and I was getting rather frustrated of dead batteries and missing and special moments. I had a brain wave that it might be under the telly stand for some reason? and sure enough it was tucked down the side. So more photos of cards coming soon

I have also managed to sort a batch of photos, firstly into my son's baby album, and then date a big pile of photos that had been processed that needed sorting through. One of my sort of resolutions was to make sure I sorted my photos. As for doing any scrap book layouts.... well that will take me another yesr or so!