Monday, 5 February 2007

Giving it the chop!

I made another card on Saturday, for another friends birthday. But my dear son managed to give it the chop! No Troy! Not the guillotine!!! Thankfully it was only the green bit of the card and I managed to salvage the main body! I used some Urban Lily papers, as I thought it looked very surfer chick (which my friend is!)
The second card was using up by bits, I had the idea of what I wanted to make, but took much longer than I thought, just wasnt working out how I wanted it, but the final result came out fine. (I think)


mamaluke said...

Just love those Urban Lily papers, where did you get them from? *wink wink*

Esther said...

well there is a lovely lady who sells them and you can find them at her online shop as it happens!
Follow the paper and pearls link (to the right!) there you go... I said it!