Saturday, 3 March 2007

Come Fly With Me

Taking up the challenges once again, and I have managed to do another combo. For DCM step outside your comfort zone and have a go at something new - be it something you have never tried, or something you havent done for ages, and ink stains forum Use a stamp you haven't use yet! I know we all have plenty of those in our stash! So make a card using a stamp you have in your stash but haven't used yet! To make it a bit more interesting, I challenge you each to use ribbon on your card as well! It even inspired me to do more!

Hooray Hoo-RHI for my Pink Package

Thanks to Rhi for another package through the letter box, some lovely dark primas and metal embellishments, already got to work on thos lovely fibres and a pink tag on the latest DCM challenge. Thank you RHI! OOh not forgetting the fab alphabet also!!!

Friday, 2 March 2007

Complete Circle

Phew! Well I have just finished and parcelled the last page in the circle journal I have been doing for the Craftz Under the Willow forum. The umbrella theme was 'Favourites', so topics included favourite coluors, favourite things (my topic), favourite songs (just completed), favourite recipes, favourite holiday destinations, favourite book, favourite animals, amd favourite desserts

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Cheating the System

Using the lovely papers Gillian sent me, some clear stamps (cant remember the make) and ribbon supplied from Paper and Pearls, and some flowers from Jo

Feel as if I cheated a bit on this card... I was completing a challenge for Card Positioning Systems and haven't really used all the elements in the sketch, but it was based on it, oh well at least it gets my parents anniversary card done!

Stocking up on the Stash

Wow what great fun it has been, winning a prize!.... The post just keeps on coming. Look at these lovely juicy bits that I kindly recieved from Jo and Gillian

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Bit Behind

Using some of my lovely bits that I recetly got through the post from the Daring Card Maker Girls, i made a card to match a sketch that was in the Paper Squares blog... I was quite pleased with it as this was my first 'sketch' card, and it was nice to use different materials. Oh talking of which I must let you know about my recent parcels.... I will post another log...

Killing 2 Challenges with 1 Card

Incase you can't see it properly- my sons name is not ROY (no offence to any Roy's out there) it is Troy, I 3d mounted the 'T' and the balloon, but you cant see it in the photo...

I have managed to "kill 2 birds with one stone" infact more than that I have rolled in the DCM challenge, the paper Square skecth and make my sons card. I must admit, not my number one choice of childrens card, but it's different...

Monday, 26 February 2007

Made My Day!

Managed to complete my order for the local shop for the Mother's Day cards, it was good timing as they had left a message to say people are starting to buy (other) Mother's day cards. The kind lady suggested that they will go in the window again, due to the success of the Valentines ones which they only had 2 out of 16 left! Whoo hoo! Let's hope the Mother's day ones will do just as well...

Sur-PRIZE, Supplies!

What a lovely surprise to get my prize through the post last week! Thank you so much to the Daring Card Makers team, and especially to Lythan and Kathy for the beautiful cards (which I have proudly displayed) and bits and bobs for more creativity, some fantastic bits! I was so thrilled to open these parcels, especially as I had no clue what was inside! I can't thank you enough!