Friday, 23 March 2007


Cor the envelopes soon added up! Good job I put in a little extra to get my moneys worth! Thats right folks, all you lovely people who signed up for the altered puzzle project will be getting some little crafty bits in your envelopes. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a little extra for you to keep and NOTHING to do with using it on the puzzle!!! thanks :)

Thursday, 22 March 2007


Well, I have been having a busy craft day...
1. It started with doing some ceramic painting with my little boy
2. then I used some off cuts to produce another card
3.then I had a bash at doing the Embers challenge, using my initial on a card (the size of an atc) which i decided I would stick on a plain white card and use as a birthday card for a little girl called Elsie
4.which then reminded me I needed to make another little friends card- called Carys...
5. I snuck in a card I made yesterday for a lady where I used to work who was leaving, went out for a meal and forgot to take the card! argh! so it's now in the post...

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Paisley Patterns

This card was for Di's latest Challenge, stamped the centre with a single paisley stamp, and duplicated it in a circle, then I used a cirlce cutter to cut the rough shape of a circle and punched the edges to get the pattern- don't look too closely there are flaws!!! I added a prima flower and eyelet to finish!

As I had the papers, stamps and inks to hand I decided to create this next card for the DCM midweek challenge, to make a get well soon style card, so here is the outcome...

Monday, 19 March 2007

Random Selection

handbag punch, square stamp, stitch stamp, small circle punch, and alphabet brads!
Arghhh, thing this was my hardest challenge to do for DCM! But I managed to make a card for my friends birthday!...

Sunday, 18 March 2007


Enjoy taking on a challenge? Enjoy creating something from almost nothing?... Well this could be a small project you might like to embark on! (emphasis on the word small) I have acquired some blacnk puzzles with the view to decorate, this is where your help comes in. I want to set a the theme of 'Colour', I will send you a piece of the jigsaw puzzle for you to decorate- however you want, 2 STRICT RULES: 1. That the shape of the puzzle is not altered in anyway, because I want to put it back together! 2. Use only one colour on the piece. So any takers??? i might put a time limit on it, but for now it is open. If I dont hear from anyone, I will start nagging!!! The puzzle pieces are approx 1" x 1 1/2" only 12 pieces avialble, I will decorate the frame... so the first 12 people to leave a comment...!