Friday, 1 August 2008

God Is Good

The theme for this weeks SALT challenge ''And God saw that it was good' This is a reflection on Genesis 1, which gives an account of God's marvellous work of Creation and His reflection on it was that He 'saw that it was good'.As we celebrate our first birthday, it seems fitting to reflect upon the beauty of God's Creation.I marvel at the wonders of God's beautiful world - so much for us to enjoy, whether it's a sunset, the petals of a flower, the intricate design of a seashell ... I could go on to name so many examples, including, of course, the wonderful gift of life itself to us as humans.This is such a wide topic - you may wish to reflect on one particular aspect of God's Creation or the general scope of it.'

I wanted to make something bright and cheery, so stamped bright colours using tapestry stamps, then highlighted in black and added my faithful primas. As you can see I took the word Good and diverted slightly from the topic... woops!