Sunday, 13 May 2007

Read My Mind

I have gone and got tagged! by Kathy, she thinks I have to much time on my hands!
I have to tell you all 5- 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog.

1. The title of my blog stemed from the idea that my work is progressive, well I hope so anyway... and that I would hope to show how I have improved from when I first started my blog. I have learnt how to tweak the colours on the photos now- which help!

2. S*tar Creations, is a play on my name Esther firstly meaning star, but then ff read the word S*tar as it is written, you will notice that the S is seperate, so you pronounce it S and tar (without the and obviously!), if you say it quickly, it sounds like Esther. Get it!? The word creations, so that I am not limited to just cards, and it also reminds me that God made all Creation.

3. I wanted to have a blog that would be interesting to look at and not boring to read. So I try to come up with catchy titles, and post lots of photographs.

4. The sub heading sums up my blog, a personal and creative journal, although I didnt want it to get too personal, the idea was to share with the world my creations.

5. Wow little did I know that I would come to gain sooo much inspiration, and ideas through having a blog.

6. It's great to find other great craft talents and fellow crafting friends through blogging.

7. I added a pet to keep me company (bubbles), I have fish at home at yep I do forget to feed them.... But they have survived a good few years the oldest being about 9years old!

8. I did want to keep adding to my crafty tips, but keep forgetting to get round to it...

right! Off to tag someone else, actually I quite enjoyed doing this.... Better not say it too loudly incase I get tagged again!


Chris said...

Great stuff... don't know if my answers will be so original though..LOL...

Gillian Hamilton said...

well I'm done...cheated a bit.. heeheee...
your tag was great to read Esther, that is sooo cool about
S...tar, what a special name you have! :O)

Kathy said...

It's fun to read these tags, isn't it? You get to know a little bit more about the people you've come to regard as friends - even though you've never actually met.

Thanks for joining the tag Esther, I enjoyed reading the whys and wherefores fo you blog!