Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Watch This Space

I am trying not to take up too much room on my log as I want to make sure people can find my Goody Giveaway, so doing a blog combo! Retro card: Using up some off cuts. Card Positing (woops! sis just niticed spelling error! I meant positioning) Challenge card: Happy easter card with quickutz flower, inkstains forum come papersquares challenge: purple card using a off cut from a magazine for the image. Couldnt resist adding photos of my son, colouring in, in some what strnage positions at times?!
And Whooo thanks for all those who helped me reach the 50 mark!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Awwwwww....how gorgeous is your son... what a Cutie-pie!!!!!..
Esther this is a lovely slide to watch.. gorgeous cards!

Jana Weaver said...

You went right past 50 and on down to 49!!

Kissing is just like you thought...you ink up one stamp, then use that as an ink source for a bold stamp, thus transfering the design. It's lots of fun!!

Oh..and would you like to exchange links?? I'll definately add your site to mine...love your samples!!