Saturday, 17 March 2007

Spring Clean

My end result of tidying the ribbon box- thought it made a nice pic too!

Well it all started when... I sat in front of the telly with my boxes of ribbons, which were long over due for a sort out! I should have taken one of those before and after shots! anyway, it has got me addicted to cleaning! I think also because we went to an auction today and picked up some real bargains, so having to find space to fit them in. One of my new motos for stuff is if it doesnt have a home... BIN IT! (it works most of the time, but not ALL of the time!)


Chris said...

ooooh lovely fabby ribbon !!! makes a pretty picture :) I am an addicted hoarder of all things so I admire your new moto of binning it if it doesn't have a home... but I can't quite manage it myself:)

Gillian Hamilton said... pretty Esther, much neater than my tangled mess..LOL!

Rhi said...

Yummm, ribbon :D