Sunday, 1 April 2007

Well done Winner

Well i will definately learn from my mistakes and not set such a long deadline on my blog candy giveaways! It has taken ages, the suspense has been killing me, I was soo tempted to move the date froward... before I announce who it is I want to show you this random photo that appeared while i was looking for the picture of the winner

(I think the feet give it away personally!!! My Son!)

Anyway the person who's name was picked out of the hat and to win these lovely goodies
is.... Bondgirl!
And if you wanted to know the comment she left it was:
'Don't you just hate it when....' Inspiration stikes in the middle of the night, and you trundle down in your PJ's and slippers to make your card cos you wont be able to sleep otherwise!


BondGirl said...


How excited am I!! Thanks soo much!

As for the photo, i have a camera phone and you always know when baby J has found it cos there are random piccys of floors, walls, feet etc

mamaluke said...

Yay!!! well done! We know who to come to for black and white inspiration! Enjoy your bits.

Chris said...

Congratulations bondgirl... even though I'm soooooo jealous :)

Rein said...

Congrats bondgirl!!
Have fun with your goodis! :)

Leni said...


Lynne.x said...

Congratulations Tracie.