Friday, 25 May 2007

Knife, Fork and Spoon?

Thats what we used to shout out to my mum when she was cooking the dinner, and we were laying the table, she would then reply and say what we needed for that meal. The story behind this spoon (infact there are 2). At Christmas time a few friends organised a game, we were to bring along with us 3 UNWANTED items from our home and wrap them up. When you rolled the dice and got a 6 you were allowed to choose from the gifts, until there were none left in the centre, the items were unwrapped and obviously giggles of the items, then if you rolled a 6 again you HAD TO swap one of your items with someone else! Well as you can imagine the spoons were a popular choice and being swapped left right and centre. It was then time to finish, a few last throws... A six was rolled! The spoons were passed on, another 6 was rolled, you guessed it the spoons were passed on! Then it was my turn, I rolled a 6- and ended up with the Eggy Spoons!!! For my young son of course!

Her space, My space word: SPOON

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