Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Home Sweet Home

After having a busy but relaxing time away, I am now back! Trying to catch up on all those post-holiday things like washing and cardmaking! WOW what a fantastic response to the competition, thanks to all who joined in, slowly getting round to leaving comments.. and the winner will be drawn soon. Here are a couple of latest commissions...

A card with the word 'shivers' for a male, my New Zealand friend says this word and it makes her boss laugh, because she is leaving to go back soon, she wanted this card made.

My first commission for a Emerald Anniversary!


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Lovely cards Esther - good to have you back! Hope you had a good time away!

Paula said...

Gorgeous card Esther.
Great to see you back. No doubt everyone's entry will be half way down their blogs now.
I hate that just back home feeling of housework!!!

mum on the run said...

Hope you had a great time Esther!!

Lovely cards!

Ticia said...

Great cards I really like the use of the feather on the card in brown.

Chris said...

Great to have you back Esther, fab cards as usual. Hope you enjoyed your break :)

p.s. didn't get round to using the photo yet so will be too late for the comp but will still use it :)