Thursday, 5 June 2008

Praise! Pain! Psalms!

My sister had a gorgeous baby girl! My first neice! (out of 5 nephews, including my other sisters family). I'm not sure whether I will be able to do much crafting for a few weeks, as I managed to hurt my coxix (the base of the back where your bottom is!) hurts to sit down, sneeze, cough, laugh (though not much of that happening!) Anyway managed to get my card done for the SALT challenge this week. It was on the broad topic of the Psalms, so I chose one of my favourite Psalm 121; you can read the words in the close up photo. Here is the blurbfrom the blog 'From frustration and anger to joy and support. there is so much in the book of Psalms. I'd like you to reflect on a favourite verse - or whole psalm and interpret it as you feel led. '


Hazel said...

Please take care and allow time to recover from this injury - you are in my prayers. I love the card you've done for the Salt theme - a favourite Psalm in such a lovely setting.

mamaluke said...

Love what you did with the torn paper

Kathy said...

Oh Esther, what a pain in the bum! ouch!

Hope you're feeling better soon

Lovely card - those swirls are so effective giving the whole thing a really ethereal quality

Jo said...

I hope you feel better soon. (hugs) Gorgeous card :)

jo xx

Anonymous said...

A beautiful card Esther and oooh how fab for you finally getting a niece. I can just feel your excitement :)
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

p.s. sorry forgot to say speedy recovery... I once fell and hurt my coxix so I know just how painful it can be!!

Annie said...

This was my Gran's favourite Psalm, and I know she would just love this card. Shame I can't post it to heaven!!