Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Love Lugg

If you havent heard of Sarah Lugg, then go and check out her work! (sorry cant be bothered to find link at this late hour...) After a quick visit to my sister, and raiding her craft stash I came home with new bits to play with (how very exciting!) really helps to rejuvinate the ole mojo! Any how.... Ruth was thinking of selling this stamp, and so I thought I would 'borrow' it first to see if it was any good. I had troubles at first as I tried to add buttons etc, but wasnt looking right, then decided to go for a decoupage effect, which looked better, but not quite there... So went on to add bits and bobs- and there you have it! I hope that you can see the layered results, was very pleased, and sad to part with this project but was made for some friends who got married while we were on holiday. Congrats Alexis & Sharo!


mamaluke said...

oooooh, very nice, love the texture etc. but you can hardly see the stamp now lol! ;) I'll have it back no, thank you very much!

Hazel said...

I love what you've done to this, Esther (I think it's a stamp that Ruth should hang on to - so you can both play!)