Friday, 7 November 2008

Scrap Suprise!

(using felt swirls from my QK)

(my swing card! sentiment swings- not lob sided!)
Whilst attempting to clear my craft table, I decided to make some cards along the way, using whatever bits and bobs I had on my table! This way you not only use up those tip bits (rather than storing them away for a rainy day...) but you end up putting things together that you may not usually!

Why dont you give it a go?- leave me a comment and let me see what you come up with! You might amaze yourself at the results- I know I was!

And here are some cakes I made for a friends baby shower- all thanks to Ruth for her inspirational use of using punches on coloured rice paper!!!


Kathy said...

What a fab barch of cards Esther - and aren't you good using up your scraps!

Lythan said...

I like the cards Esther but I am DROOLING over the cup cakes. They are magnificent and punches are a great way of decorating them!
BTW my spotty papers are from Scenic Route. Surprise and Laurel collections

Nickynoo said...

Wow, your cupcakes look amazing! Fab cards, too :D

mamaluke said...

i've made a scrap card... will blog it soon! Your cakes turned out so pretty!

Flower said...

You've been super busy! Wonderful!I had to try keep my eyes on the cards once I saw the cupcakes! lol
They look awesome and what a great idea with the rice paper!

Handeddowntreasures said...

Ohh, Can you please tell us how you made the cakes! They are just beautiful! I'd love to make them for an upcoming event! You are very artistic! I love all your cards! Many Thanks, Linda