Friday, 12 December 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

So nice to have a bit of time to sit back at my craft table! Just managed to sneak in making a couple of cards, it was either that or washing up... Hmmm.... let me think?!!!! My overdue Salt challenge, I knocked up this card for last week's topic of 'God is Good', so i used black, red and off white- something bold that gets the message across!

This card is for my Mother in Laws up and coming birthday oh- tomorrow infact! The pearl centres of the flower are to tie in with her present :)


seedlings mum said...

love the red card - including the sentiment.

Hazel said...

Beautiful cards, Esther. The red and black is lovely and vibrant and the card for MIL is classy and delicate.

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful cards!

maicher said...