Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Pretty Packaging

Pretty packaging gave me the inspiration for this card... but can you guess what packaging I used??? If you can guess I will send a RAK (if more than one of you get it right, then a name will be pulled out the hat).

Also wanted to show of my bargain corner stand, which is more added storage, soesnt have a specific use... YET! but I thought it looked so pretty and for the price of 50p!!! Yes ladies and gents 50p at a car boot sale- who could say no? Infact it very nearly got forgotten as we asked the lady to look after it for us while we looked around.
And here... my prize strawberries! Thought they would make a nice photo if in teracotta pots with ribbon... note- challenge to self, make a card using this photo! I weighed some of my bigger straws and one came to a wopping 35 grams!


mamaluke said...

Oh my! They look fabulous. I'm currently making some strawberry cordial, will let you know how it turns out. Love the stand, what a bargain! maybe put your most used items and have it on your table?

DeeDee said...

Esther...THANK YOU for stopping by my blog!!! WOW....lovely card and wonderful strawberries too!!! I'm guessing feathers, prima flowers and embossing....thanks for the fun!!!

Pauline said...

Pretty card. Love the strawberries in the pots :)