Monday, 2 February 2009

Have a Heart

Was asked to do a commission recenty for a ladies 40th birthday. I had free reign except to incorporate hearts. Could'nt wait to get stuck in to this one. Can you spot all the hearts? Tried not to over do it but at the same time make sure they were incorporated. Dont seem to get on the computer much these days, let alone blog!! Been busy doing some shop orders, so that's taking up most of my time at the moment. Will post pics of that when I am done. Oh some snow pics to show you also, not a lot of snow but enough to make me happy! :)


judy anderson said...

Your card is absolutely lovely. It is pleasing group of colors to view.

Hazel said...

Love your snowy pics, especiallay the first one - and the hearts card is absolutely gorgeous. x

mamaluke said...

Gorgeous Es! I'm sure she'll love it!